About Us


Hi, my name is José Luis. Founder of Altobello’s.

I've always been passionate about craftsmanship and innovation. For 17 years, I designed bags, wallets, belts and other accessories for other brands. While it was a great experience, it wasn't enough for me. I wanted to freely design my products and share them with the world. So that is just what I did. I opened a store with my own designs in Bogota, Colombia and we had so much demand! During this time, I started receiving multiple requests from people who have very specific shoe sizes. I wanted to help them… This is why I created a process where my team and I could make moccasins and driving shoes with specific measurements.

We are passionate about creating high-quality products that respect the environment and our people. We believe that every product should have added value; not just for its owner but for everyone involved in its creation. 

We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we do!